23 apresentações que os Marketeers não podem perder no Web Summit 2018

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  • 23 apresentações que os Marketeers não podem perder no Web Summit 2018
23 apresentações que os Marketeers não podem perder no Web Summit 2018

Numa altura em que o Web Summit caminha para a sua 3ª edição em Portugal, soubemos recentemente que o nosso país será também o seu anfitrião nos próximos 10 anos, o que são ótimas notícias para todos aqueles que acompanham os temas da tecnologia e inovação de perto.

Este ano, o Web Summit conta com mais de 1200 oradores e 70 mil participantes, por isso, se não quer perder as melhores apresentações, o ideal é começar já a organizar a sua agenda.

Neste artigo, mostramos-lhe as 23 melhores apresentações de marketing que irão ocorrer no Web Summit 2018 entre os dias 6 e 8 de novembro:

Dia 6

The marketing insider's tips for 2019

Discover what marketing trends will come to the fore and the platforms due to rise and fall in the coming year.

Michelle Peluso - CMO, IMB
Gail Heimann - President, Weber Shandwick
Rosemarie Ryan - Co-CEO, Co:Collective
Alex Heath - Senior Reporter, Cheddar

Centre Stage - 14:45 - 15:05

Building buzz in the new media bubble

As the shift to non linear accelerates and viewers splinter, how do the largest media players continue to capture viewer hearts and minds? Christina Miller and Molly Battin of Turner will reveal all on building buzz in the new media bubble.

Christina Miller - President, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim & Boomerang
Molly Battin - CMO, Turner

Panda Conf - 11:30 - 11:50

Brand value in the digital economy

As a leading face of one of the world's biggest agency networks at Dentsu Aegis, Nigel Morris is better placed than most to discuss the evolution of the modern brand. In this talk, he will answer how we measure brand value in the digital economy.
Nigel Morris

Chif Strategy & Innovation Officer, Dentsu Aegis

Panda Conf - 11:50 - 12:10

The tales we tell ourselves: Behavioural economics & cognitive neuroscience as tools in effective branding

Nir Wegrzyn, CEO of leading global branding agency BrandOpus, works with leaders in the fields of behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience to challenge traditional brand thinking. In questioning marketing conventions, Nir has established a vision for a new paradigm where brands drive consumer decision-making. Join Nir as he reveals the foundations for building successful, memorable brands.

Nir Wegrzyn - CEO, BrandOpus

Panda Conf - 14:35 - 14:55

The art of “hackvertising”

As Burger King continue to push boundaries in their campaigns, what is the art behind "hackvertising"? Burger King's global head of brand marketing Marcelo Pascoa will reveal all....

Marcelo Pascoa - Global Head of Brand, Burger King

Panda Conf - 15:15-15:35

Dia 7

Growth Summit on Centre Stage

A chance to hear from some of the fastest growing companies at Web Summit. These are the unicorns of tomorrow.

Kolton Andrus - CEO, Gremlin
Vasco Calais Pedro - CEO & Co-fonder, Unbabel
Kirsty Emery - Co-founder & Chief Customer Success Officer, Unmade
Sujay Tyle - Co-founder & CEO, Frontier Car Group
Mark Cummins - CEO, Pointy
Jill Layfield Gangé - Co-founder & CEO, Element AI
Ethan Agarwal - Founder & CEO, Aaptiv

Centre Stage - 13:20 - 13:52

Google at 20: Digital as a force for good

A conversation with Matt Brittin on Google at 20 and how the company is focused on creating digital opportunities

Matt Brittin - President, EMEA Business & Operations, Google

Centre Stage - 15:30 - 15:50

Creativity but not as we've traditionally known it

Today's technology can target and customize ads with unparalleled precision. At the same time, busy consumers expect campaigns to be both incredibly compelling and highly relevant. In this talk, we'll address the idea of creativity but not as we've traditionally known it.

Susan Credle - Global Creative Officer, FCB Global
Sairah Ashman - CEO, Wolff Olins

Panda Conf - 12:20 - 12:40

Storydoing vs storytelling

Join Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing at Puma and Rosemarie Ryan, Co-CEO of Co:Collective as they share how Puma transformed its culture, brand, and community by making the shift from storytelling to StoryDoing.

Adam Petrick - Global Director of Brand Marketing, PUMA
Rosemarie Ryan - Co-CEO, Co:Collective

Panda Conf - 13:45 - 14:05

From growth to maturity: Beyond the App Economy

As the standard in app analytics and app market data, App Annie has been at the forefront of the App Economy. But as the sector matures, how does the industry evolve to meet new challenges and opportunities? App Annie CEO Bertrand Schmitt will reveal all.

Bertrand Schmitt - Co-founder & Chief Strategist, App Annie

Panda Conf - 14:05 - 14:25

Inside the mobile marketing growth handbook

Mada Seghete of Branch has literally written the handbook on mobile growth in the cross platform age. In this talk, she will share the mobile strategies that will help you build experience with your customers.

Mada Seghete - Founder & Head Marketing, Branch

Panda Conf - 14:50 - 15:10

Probably the best advertising campaigns in the world...

Carlsberg are synonymous when some of the iconic brand campaigns of recent times. In this talk, Carlsberg's Jessica Spence will give an insight into what makes the brand undoubtedly (not probably!) one of the best advertisers in the world.

Jessica Spence - Chief Commercial Officer, Carlsberg

Panda Conf - 16:15 - 16:35

Eyes on the horizon: Don't lose focus on marketing

SaaS marketing differs from every other type of marketing known to the industry. This talk will see leaders in the field share their wisdom on winning in the SaaS marketing space.

Sarah Bird - CEO, MOZ Inc.
Mada Seghete - Founder & Head Marketing, Branch

SaaS Monster - 13:45 - 14:05

Game of phones: Becoming a mobile unicorn

MZ's star titles Mobile Strike and Game of War have both surpassed a billion in revenue, but the success has not been without some difficult decisions. The MMO giant's CEO talks about the real game of war: in-app revenue, in this keynote.

Kristen Garcia Dumont - CEO, MZ

Content Makers - 15:50 - 16:05

Re-modelling philanthropy: The million follower club

In the age of Instagram personal branding is more influential than ever before. How can we leverage social media to help with social change?

Cynthia Johnson - Writer, Bell + Ivy, Entrepreneur Magazine Columnist
Jelena Djokovic - Co-founder, The Novac Djokovic Foundation
Princess Beatrice of York - VP, Partnerships & Strategy, Afiniti
Belinda Goldsmith - Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Forum - 11:55 - 12:20

Dia 8

Can we save the media industry from itself

Despite the failure of the ad-only experiment, media still persist. Paywalls are slow to come to the rescue, so how can we save the publishing industry from itself?

Ev Williams - Founder and CEO, Medium
Laurie Segall - Senior Technology Correspondent, CNNMoney

Centre Stage - 16:05 - 16:30

Decoding the marketing unknowns

What facts or what realities do we marketers know to be true these days? What are the truths that guide your brand, team and organization on a daily basis? In this talk, Colin Kavanagh will seek to decode the marketing unknowns.

Colin Kavanagh - CMO, Malibu & Kahlua

Panda Conf - 12:20 - 12:40

The four growth marketing principles you need to create your unicorn

Larry Kim started WordStream in his 20's with basically nothing. It quickly grew to be the world's largest PPC marketing software company managing a billion dollars of ad spend for millions of users worldwide. But it wasn't always rainbows and sunshine. Early on, the company almost collapsed, twice! In this talk, Larry will cover his four greatest growth marketing principles which can turn your startup into a baby unicorn.

Larry Kim - Founder, MobileMonkey

Panda Conf - 13:45 - 14:05

Breaking the marketing rulebook

There are the rules on how marketing should be done and then there are the innovators reinventing the rulebook. In this talk, we get an insight into breaking the marketing rulebook....

Constantin Eis - Co-founder, Casper
Amy Fuller - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Accenture
Shona Gosh - Senior Reporter, Business Insider

Panda Conf - 14:05 - 14:25

The future of empathy

The marketing sector can be a complicated place as new marketing tools and techniques are launched, almost on a weekly basis. As we move towards this type of completely customer-centric marketing, where will empathy fit within this model?

Alexander Schlaubitz - CMO, Lufthansa

Panda Conf - 14:25 - 14:45

A modern look at commerce

To take full advantage of the modern commerce landscape, we need to revisit the roles of media and the shop, as well as consider the trends in payment, delivery and loyalty. This talk will cover how we better meet consumers’ modern day expectations.

Deirdre McGlashan - Global Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom
Im Kobe - CEO & founder, Eight Inc.

Panda Conf - 15:25 - 15:45

Will an AI be your next Chief Marketing Officer?

As the hype over artificial intelligence (AI) and its capabilities goes into overdrive, can we really talk about your AI becoming your next Chief Marketing Officer? In this closing PandaConf talk, marketing expert and technology investor Wes Nichols will give us his vision for the future of marketing.

Wes Nichols - Co-founder & CEO, MarketShare

Panda Conf - 15:45 - 16:05

A complete history of branding in 15 minutes

This masterclass by branding guru, designer and award-winning podcast host Debbie Millman is an entertaining sociological and scientific overview of why humans buy and brand things. It explores how branding is becoming a profound manifestation of the human spirit and reflects movements and missions, not just products and profit.

Debbie Milman - CEO, Design Matters Media

Content Makers - 12:50 - 13:05

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