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Do you want to generate more leads, enroll and retain more students, and grow your higher education institution?

Latigid is familiar with the challenges and difficulties that universities, schools, and colleges face in terms of recruitment. We know that higher education institutions need agencies capable of implementing integrated strategies that follow market changes, take advantage of the potential of new channels and convert actions into results. At Latigid, we define and implement Inbound Marketing campaigns that allow you to optimize and transform your marketing strategies in order to generate more traffic to your website, convert more leads, close more customers and improve the loyalty of current ones through better customer service.

Inbound marketing is not a short-term strategy. If your goal is to start appearing tomorrow in search engines, the ideal would be to opt for SEA. If you have a medium, long-term perspective and want to grow in a sustainable and organic way, talk to us.
As with any good marketing strategy, the key lies in the defined communication mix. Therefore, we always recommend our clients to start doing inbound marketing in conjunction with other strategies, such as SEA and Social Media Ads.
One of the advantages of inbound marketing is to allow companies to grow in a sustainable way, by creating content that appears in search engines in an organic way, instead of depending on paid strategies to generate traffic to your site.
Higher education institutions are in a unique position to profit from inbound marketing. The inbound methodology is based on producing content that answers questions that customers have, and because pursuing a degree is a purchase that requires extensive research and comparing and contrasting academic options, students tend to have a high number of questions regarding the course, the facilities, the institution... which offers a great way to attract, engage and delight them. By emphasizing the sense of personal success, cutting-edge facilities and research, and professional benefits associated with earning a degree, inbound marketing can help attract new students.
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